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Sending Ether to another account holder
Sending Ether to another account holder
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So you’d like to send money to other account holders – it’s secure, easy and fast.

To send money, launch the TrustVault app – it will open on the Accounts screen.  Select the account you’d like to send money from  – you’ll see the account balance at the top.  From here, select the "New Transaction" button.  

Enter the amount you’d like to send. 

If you’re with the person you’d like to send the money to and they also have a TrustVault account just tap the QR code symbol (the one that looks like four boxes in one).

Scan the QR code displayed on their phone (they can find this by opening the account screen and selecting the little QR code symbol in the top right hand corner). 

If you’re not with the account holder you’re sending the money to, then copy and paste their account address into the "To" box.  

Underneath this you’ll see an option to set a Transaction Priority (Gas).  

Gas is the fee paid for sending Ether. Right now we would recommend using the default price as if it is set too low the transaction may never complete. To learn more about gas have a look at :

If you’re ready to go, select the "Continue" button. Now you’ll be taken to the New Transaction screen where you can see the payment details.  If you’re happy with this select the "Confirm and Send" button.  If not, there’s a "cancel" option in the top right hand corner.

If you selected "Confirm and Send" you’ll then be asked for your Touch ID as a way of authenticating the new account.  We’ve used the Touch ID facility as maximising security is always our priority but if you don’t want to use the Touch ID facility on your phone you can enter your phone’s passcode instead – just place a thumb on the home button.  The TrustVault app will then give you the option to "Enter Passcode" instead.  

You should then see a screen confirming that your payment has been sent, and the option to view it on Etherscan.  

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