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Moving your Ether to Trustvault
Moving your Ether to Trustvault

Loading your new account to safekeep your Ether

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So you have created an account and now want to move your Ether to your new Trustvault account for safekeeping.

In this article, we will show you how by using Metamask, although the same process applies for most other services like wallets and exchanges such as Coinbase.

To start, log on to Metamask, and ensure you are looking at the account you want to send from:

Click send takes you to the Metamask transaction page:

Now you can either type in the public address of your new Trustvault account or use the QR code by pressing on the QR icon (4 squares) in the Trustvault Account you want to send to.

If you click on the QR button in Metamask, you will be asked for camera access, which you need to enable. This will take you to this screen in Metamask:

Now place your iPhone with the QR Code of your Trustvault account with the screen facing your camera, and the TO: address on your metamask account should automatically be populated:

Now enter the amount you want to sent to your Trustvault account:

Pressing Next on Metamask will take you to their confirmation page:

Press Confirm, and the transaction is sent to Trustvault.
Now on your iOS device, on the Trustvault account screen, pull down to refresh:

You will see the Ether in your account with a waiting confirmation. This is a standard state for the Ethereum blockchain.

After a few seconds another refresh will show:

You will see the top transaction will now be full confirmed.
If you click on the transaction, you will see the details:

Your Ether is now safely stored within your Trustvault account!!

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