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Something went wrong when opening a link.
Something went wrong when opening a link.

The link you are trying to open is not working.

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When trying to open a link, it does not open the app. There are a few reasons why this might have failed:

1. You have the app installed but opened the link in Safari:

Go back to Safari, and swipe/pull down on this page, a bar with the app logo will appear. Tap the "open" button, which looks similar to below:

2. Something went wrong installing the app and it is not possible to open links in the app:

Sometimes when installing the app, something goes wrong. Try these steps to resolve this:

  • Delete the app on your phone

  • Fully restart your phone by following these steps here 

  • Then install the app again  by going to the App Store here

3. You opened the link on a device that does not have the TrustVault app installed:

Please try opening the link again on the device where you have the app installed.

Keep in mind the link might expire, don't worry, just enter your email address in the TrustVault app again and you will receive a new login link.

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