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As of TrustVault v1.4.0, released on 13th of June 2019, you can now create Bitcoin accounts.  (If you have an older version, please upgrade before using Bitcoin). 

This article contains some technical details about how bitcoin works. If you need a more basic understanding, there are plenty available, but here is a good starting point:

There are some limitations to the way TrustVault works with Bitcoin.

  • Sending Bitcoin is, for now, limited to a maximum of 50 inputs per transaction. The TrustVault app will alert you if you try to send more that you are capable of spending or sending in a single transaction.

  • For your Bitcoin balance display we include a transaction after 1 Bitcoin network confirmation. As the Bitcoin network currently runs at 10 minutes per confirmation (on average), you may notice a 10 minute lag until a transaction is part of your  balance.

  • TrustVault allows you to generate a new address for you to use to receive Bitcoin into your TrustVault account. You are limited to 200 receive addresses at this time. 

  • Bitcoin transactions are displayed within the app. Transactions that are sent outbound appear instantaneously. However, we wait 1 Bitcoin network confirmation before displaying inbound transactions. We're currently working to support displaying unconfirmed transactions.

  • TrustVault does not automatically generate a new receive address when funds have been sent to that address. This is a feature in development.

If you are happy with the above limitations, feel free to create a Bitcoin account in the TrustVault app and send Bitcoin to your account.

Bitpanda Custody is committed to increasing the supported features of Bitcoin and will be regularly adding features, so please keep your app up to date.

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