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Multisig Accounts
Multisig Accounts
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As of app v1.2.1, released on 10th of May 2019, you can now create Ethereum and Bitcoin multisig accounts.

Multisig accounts allow multiple users to share the same account. For example, couples may want to setup joint accounts where either individual is able to sign transactions (OR multisig), whilst businesses may want to enforce minimum of 2 out of 3 (M-of-N multisig) signatures for any transaction.

Unlike personal accounts which belong to a single individual, multisig accounts belong to an organisation. To access a multisig account, the user account must also belong to that organisation. So for clients who wish to have both personal and multisig accounts, we recommend to open two user accounts, one personal, and one that belongs to an organisation.

Once a multisig account is created, users can initiate transactions in the same way as they do for personal accounts, however an M-of-N multisig account will hold a transaction until it is signed by other users associated with an account. They can see and sign pending transactions in the new Inbox screen.

To create an organisation please contact us on chat or to talk through if our current functionality will meet your needs.
We will be adding greater capability in upcoming releases so it would be great to hear from you on what you need.

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