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Before you use the TrustVault MetaMask Integration
Before you use the TrustVault MetaMask Integration

Requirements that need to be fulfilled before using the TrustVault Chrome extension

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  1. Setup a TrustVault account. In order to use the TrustVault MetaMask integration, you will need to have a TrustVault account. You can get started by downloading our iOS app from the Apple app store. Please follow this link

  2. Add an Ethereum account. MetaMask only supports ETH and ERC20 tokens. If you have set up a TrustVault account, please create an Ethereum account.

  3. Make sure that you have disabled the MetaMask Chrome Extension. Do not use the TrustVault and MetaMask chrome extensions at the same time. Please check out our FAQ on how to disable your existing MetaMask extension from here.

  4. Download the TrustVault Chrome extension. You can request the download link by signing up for the beta version here. Bitpanda Custody will then contact you with further instructions. 

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