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How to use TrustVault x MetaMask
How to use TrustVault x MetaMask

How you can interact with any DApp using TrustVault

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Using TrustVault x MetaMask custom extension

As soon as you have setup the TrustVault x MetaMask extension , you are ready to use your TrustVault accounts when interacting with DApps such as decentralised exchanges, borrow and lending platforms, bounty platforms and much more!

You can connect with any DApp that supports MetaMask, by looking for the Connect Wallet button which will vary from DApp to DApp.

If you wish to execute a transaction, your phone will receive a signing request in your Inbox. You are required to confirm the transaction in order to complete it.

Understanding how MetaMask works

Please read our other article on understanding how MetaMask works to ensure you can get the best out of it.

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