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"Signature generated was not valid" error message on your iOS device
"Signature generated was not valid" error message on your iOS device

Signature and private key error

Written by Paul Yardley
Updated over a week ago

If you receive an error similar to the one below it may mean that there was a problem with the instruction keys held on your device. This is most likely to occur on a brand new device that has just been restored from an existing device.

What's causing the problem?

We have identified a possible bug in the Apple backup / restore process called "Quick Start". If you set up a new phone (any phone with iOS 14 we believe) and transfer the data from your existing phone (that contained a TrustVault account) and selected the "Quick Start" transfer method you may be affected by this issue.

The problem appears to be where the iPhone copies the instruction public key from the old device whilst creating a brand new instruction private key on the new device. What should happen is that the new device should generate a new instruction private key (as it does) but should also generate a new corresponding public key.

Is there a security risk?

No, there is no security risk. The instruction private key (that is used to sign transactions from your device) remains on the old device and is not copied correctly to the new device (it shouldn't ever be possible to copy the private key anyway).

Any attempt to sign with a device in this state will be rejected by our system.

How do I resolve the problem?

In the TrustVault app (v1.3.0 and above), you can remove your instructions keys and generate new ones. This can be accessed via Settings > Device Instruction Keys. Here you will see a list of all the instructions keys held on the device.

The display shows the registered email and the UserId. You can tap to see the instruction public key if you wish (you may be asked for this by Bitpanda Custody Support) and it is harmless to share.

Bitpanda Custody support may direct you to tap the "Delete All Instruction Keys" button. This will force all keys to be deleted and generate a new one for the currently logged in user.

Once the instruction keys have been deleted you will need to re-authorise this device.

  • Personal users can simply tap the Wallets icon and then pull down the screen to refresh and the app will prompt you to initialise a recovery. You will then be contacted by Bitpanda Custody to complete the recovery process.

  • Business users should contact Bitpanda Custody. N.B.: business users may see the following warning message when you refresh the wallets, indicating the device is not registered. You should contact Bitpanda Custody support.

Please contact if you see any other errors mentioned in this article or if you want to know more.

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