Our latest iOS App release (TrustVault 1.30.0) now includes support for WalletConnect.

WalletConnect is supported by many DApps including:

  • Uniswap

  • Kyberswap

  • SushiSwap

  • AAve

The full list can be found here. Please note that WalletConnect support by DApps needs to be enabled by the DApp provider and has nothing to do with TrustVault.

How to Connect using WalletConnect

  1. Head over the DApp of your choice (we will be using UniSwap for this tutorial).

2. Find the link to Connect to a wallet and select WalletConnect.

3. Click on Connect Wallet.

4. Click on WalletConnect.

5. Scan the QR Code from the TrustVault app by selecting Settings -> Scan QR Code.

6. Review the details to ensure you are connecting the wallet and chain you want and click Approve Connection.

7. Once approved, you should be connected to the DApp.

How to send transactions with DApps.

1. We will be going through how to do a swap via UniSwap.

2. Please choose tokens you would like to swap.

3. Once happy with your swap, please click on Confirm Swap.

4. Once you have confirmed your swap, you should have an inbox item on your iOS device to be signed.

5. Once signed on the device, you should see the confirmation screen on the UniSwap DApp.

How to interact with your current sessions:

1. Head over to TrustVault iOS App.

2. Click on Settings -> CurrentSessions.

3. Select the session of your choice.

4. You will be presented with your session details and have the ability to change wallets and/or chainId. You can also disconnect from your session.

5. By clicking on wallets, you will be presented with a list of your current Ethereum Wallets. Simply click on the one you want to choose and the Dapp should be updated.

6. By clicking on chainId, you will be presented with a list of supported chains. Simply click on the one you want to choose and the DApp should be updated.

7. You can also disconnect from your current session by clicking the Disconnect session. (Although many DApps will allow the connection to remain open for several hours or even days).

To view more features from Bitpanda Custody's TrustVault custodial wallet platform please visit https://custody.bitpanda.com/features.

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