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How do I buy crypto via TrustVault web with Altalix?
How do I buy crypto via TrustVault web with Altalix?
Written by Paul Yardley
Updated over a week ago

We have now integrated TrustVault Web with a new partner, Altalix, to enable easy access to purchase crypto.

How does it work?

From either a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet page you will see a BUY button. This will pass you to a new window where you can sign up or trade with Altalix.

What is the sign up process?

You will need to create an account on Altalix and you will need to complete a full KYC signup process.

What assets can I buy?

Currently you can buy Bitcoin or Ether (Although Litecoin is available in Altalix, do not buy to your TrustVault wallet address, although Altalix should not let you do this).

What information does Bitpanda Custody share with Altalix and vice-versa?

Bitpanda Custody shares the address of your current wallet with Altalix (as long as you consent). Altalix will then offer to add the address to your Altalix address book. (Please note this information is only stored in the browser session window, so if you close the window you will have to manually copy the address again).

Bitpanda Custody will be able to see the value of all transactions made via Altalix but not the individual users who made those transactions.

Where do I get support?

Since Altalix is a separate entity Bitpanda Custody cannot support any purchases made through Altalix. You will need to contact Altalix directly at

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