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Whats new in TrustVault 1.30.0?
Written by Paul Yardley
Updated over a week ago

As of today we have rolled out TrustVault 1.3.0.

Whats New?

There are a number of changes that you may notice, particularly around the "inbox items" (which refers to signing requests). These are used for creation of a wallet, changing a wallet policy, signing a multi-sig transaction or interacting with DeFi via WalletConnect or MetaMask.


We've made these changes to be more transparent about the wallet that is being used when signing requests and to ensure it is clearer around the actions you have. This is the first step in a series of planned future changes to enhance our platform.

What are the new features?

  • You can now see the policy associated with a transaction in the inbox. It will display the number of devices required and the quorum count required.

    • "1 of 3 devices" means, there are 3 devices and only 1 needs to sign

    • If you have a policy with multiple clauses, they will be shown here

    • NB: If you have a more complex policy it will not be shown due to constraints with real estate.

    • If your device has already signed this item it will show against the list of devices.

  • The wallet icons have been updated to help show the difference between a wallet and a sub-wallet (You can find out more about the differences here)

    • This icon is for a wallet

    • A sub-wallet icon will be the colour of the asset.

      • Ethereum:

      • Bitcoin:

  • If your device policy contains the TrustVault Firewall it will be displayed as "Firewall" with the following icon:

What are the fixes?

  • The "inbox items" have a consistent look with "Get Help" on the left and "Close" on the right.

    • We have renamed "Cancel" to "Close" to make it more obvious that this simply closes the open item and does not cancel the transaction.

    • If you wish to Cancel the transaction the button will always be at the bottom of the window.

  • The inbox items have a consistent set of buttons. If you cannot perform an action the button will be greyed out give you the reason why.

  • We've limited the maximum number of sub-wallets loaded to 100. This is to prevent any performance issue for clients with many sub-wallets.

See below for some of the key changes

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