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If your KYB documentation is not in English
If your KYB documentation is not in English

Non English KYB documentation

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Our KYB provider' system doesn't support documents in Farsi, Japanese etc. This means that unless a Latin transliteration is provided in your document, we won't be able to accept it.

What you should do

Even if your document is in Farsi, Japanese etc., there is something you can do to make it work. You should provide a notarized English translation of it.

To get a notarized translation of your document, you should seek the services of a translation agency (or a professional translator) and then get the translation verified by a notary. Verification, in this case, means that the notary will witness signing of the translation by the translator to attest its authenticity. Many translation agencies provide notarized translation services, so you can do both the translation and the notarization in one place.

There are four main requirements that we specify for notarized translations:

  1. The text of the translation should be readable.

  2. The translation must bear a full name and a signature of the translator.

  3. The translation must bear a full name and a signature of the notary.

  4. The translation must bear a notary seal.

In most cases, you will have to provide a notarized translation only, without providing the original document. However, if you are requested a selfie with a document, and the notarized translation does not include your photo, you should take a selfie with the original document, not with its translation.

What you shouldn't do

Please do not translate your document yourself. We won't accept unofficial translations, handwritten or typed. Also, please do not translate your document in a graphic editor by typing the translation above the original text.

Under no circumstances will we accept such 'DIY' translations.

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