Currently, TrustVault Web is limited to displaying 33 sub-wallets. This because historically it was not possible to create more than that.

However, since we've enabled more sub-wallets and customers can now see the benefit of multiple sub-wallets we will soon be enabling a better way to view them in TrustVault Web.

Until the new TrustVault Web is ready, if you have a sub-wallet not displaying, there is a simple work around.

Each sub-wallet can be accessed via its URL of the form:<subWalletId>


Therefore, you can still access each sub-wallet's page (allowing you to send and see transactions) by entering the URL as above.

To find the sub-wallet Id you can use the API or save it / bookmark it from TrustVault Web previously. However, if you are unable to find your sub-walletId then please reach out to us and we can let you have a list.

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