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TrustVault x Metamask - Installation & Setup
TrustVault x Metamask - Installation & Setup

All you need to know about using and setting up the TrustVault x MetaMask custom extension

Written by Kirtan Amin
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Pre Installation

  1. Set up a TrustVault account. In order to use the TrustVault MetaMask integration, you will need to have a TrustVault account. Talk to us for more information.

  2. Add an Ethereum account. MetaMask only supports ETH and ERC20 tokens. If you have set up a TrustVault account, please create an Ethereum wallet from within the app.

  3. Disable the original MetaMask Chrome Extension from your browser. Do NOT use the TrustVault and MetaMask chrome extensions at the same time. Please follow the steps below on disabling MetaMask and installing the TrustVault x MetaMask extension in its place.


  1. Add the TrustVault x MetaMask extension from within the Google Chrome extensions store

  2. Check if you have MetaMask already installed by going to either chrome://extensions if you are using Chrome, brave://extensions if you are using Brave Browser, or by clicking on the extension option under WINDOW in the navigation menu bar as shown below

  3. You will be presented with your existing Chrome extensions. Find the MetaMask extension and turn it off by clicking on the toggle button

  4. Find your TrustVault extension and turn it on by clicking on the toggle button

  5. Locate the extension on the top right-hand side of your chrome browser. Get started by clicking on it and then follow the MetaMask wallet setup

6. Then click on the "Connect TrustVault" which can be accessed by clicking on the top right-hand icon, you will be requested to enter your login details for TrustVault in order to connect to the MetaMask extension.

7. Once you have successfully signed into TrustVault, all your Ethereum wallets will be displayed and marked as "TRUSTVAULT" as shown below

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Video Tutorial

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