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TrustVault x MetaMask - Creating Transactions
TrustVault x MetaMask - Creating Transactions

How to create and sign transactions using MetaMask and TrustVault

Written by Kirtan Amin
Updated over a week ago

As soon as you have set up TrustVault with MetaMask, you are ready to use your TrustVault accounts when interacting with DeFi DApps such as decentralised exchanges, borrowing and lending platforms and much more!

You can connect TrustVault with any Ethereum DApp that supports MetaMask, and to do so, simply click the icon next to the Network menu bar and select 'Connect with MetaMask' from the dropdown menu items.

To send an Ethereum transaction through TrustVault+MetaMask follow these steps:

  1. Select your TrustVault account in MetaMask and click on Send

  2. Enter the address you would like to send the funds to

  3. Select the amount you would like to send and the transaction fee you want to pay

  4. Confirm the data transaction and click on Confirm

  5. Now, go to your iPhone device and open TrustVault. A new MetaMask transaction will appear in your Inbox. Tap on it.

  6. Double-check the content of the transaction and tap Confirm and Send

  7. You will get the following message:

  8. MetaMask will now display the status of your transaction

Learn more about Bitpanda Custody's Capabilities in DeFi or check out How to Use TrustVault with WalletConnect.

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