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Production Technical Onboarding Process
Production Technical Onboarding Process

What are the technical steps to onboarding

Written by Paul Yardley
Updated over a week ago

This article describes what's involved in the technical aspect of onboarding once the contract has been signed and you are ready to start onboarding.

This process can take from a single day to a few weeks depending on many factors such as how ready a customer is with their technical setup, how quickly users create their PINs and how complicate the wallet setup may be.

The entry point to the technical process is onboarding form. This should be completed after a discussion with our sales team. If you need a more complicated or technical based discussion, please reach out to your sales representative and our technical team can talk you through the details.

For Production onboarding the process is:




Onboarding Form Complete

Once the form is complete Bitpanda Custody will review the data and depending on the answers we may reach out for a technical discussion to confirm your requirements.


Users invited

Each user is sent an invite email

Bitpanda Custody

User set PIN

Each user will need to download and install the iOS App


Wallet Setup Reviewed and Confirmed

Bitpanda Custody will review the Wallet setup required and in some cases schedule a technical meeting to review and discuss options.

Bitpanda Custody

Wallet(s) created

Bitpanda Custody will create the wallets

Bitpanda Custody

Users Signed Wallet Setup

Each user in a wallet policy will need to sign the policy creation


Webhooks / events provided

If the customer requires Webhooks they must be provided


Customer webhooks created

Bitpanda Custody will create the webhooks for the chosen events

Bitpanda Custody

API Access requested? (Y/N)

If API access is required


- API Key 2nd channel provided

In order to securely send the API key a 2nd channel needs to be provided by the customer


- API Key created

Bitpanda Custody will create the API key

Bitpanda Custody

- API Key distributed

Bitpanda Custody will distribute the API Key

Bitpanda Custody

External Key Signing Required? (Y/N)

If the customer requires external key signing


- Ex Signing Review Meeting Completed

External key signing has a more complex technical requirement and requires a video meeting to confirm the use case and that the customer is aware of their responsibilities.

Bitpanda Custody

- Ex Signing Approved

Bitpanda Custody will need to approve the customer setup before approving.

Bitpanda Custody

- Ext Signing Public Key Provided

Customer will send the details of their public key


Final Sign off

Confirmation all is well and close the onboarding process. Any subsequent changes will require a service request by contacting your sales representative.

Bitpanda Custody

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