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My transaction is stuck
My transaction is stuck

Unconfirmed transaction stuck or still pending

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Occasionally, you may send a transaction and it appears stalled. This can occur if the fees (Bitcoin) or gas price (Ethereum) is too low.

This can happen if the transaction was priced too low to start with or if there was sudden network demand which has driven up prices.

Ethereum transactions

You can read about some background here and how to speed up a transaction via the API:

You can also read about how to speed up a transaction via TrustVault Web here:

Bitcoin transactions

Unfortunately, we do not offer any way to speed up Bitcoin transactions at this time. This is to protect the network and prevent possible further confusion.

There are some tools to help you view the status of your transactions.

  1. To see you transaction status with an estimated confirmation time, see:[paste-your-tx-hash-here]

  2. To see the overall state of the Bitcoin mempool (where pending transactions are stored), see:,24h,weight

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