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Reports - Export Portfolio
Reports - Export Portfolio

export portfolio csv

Written by Paul Yardley
Updated over a week ago

Export Portfolio Report


This report will return a portfolio view of all the supported assets. This report will include data from:

  • All supported Ethereum assets

  • Bitcoin

  • All on-exchange asset balances for BTC and ETH

This report will not include data from:

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • XDC.Network

  • Unsupported Assets on Ethereum

  • L1 / L2 assets accessed via MetaMask (Ethereum is included)


To export a CSV of your portfolio, simply click the Export Portfolio History button. This button is available in the top right of TrustVault Web Wallets section.

When you click Export Portfolio History you are presented with an option to choose the date range. The portfolio is design to show daily fiat values of your assets.

The currency will default to the currency you already have selected in TrustVault Web. To change the report currency, simply change the TrustVault Web currency in the top left first.

The time interval options are

  • Daily for the last 31 days

  • Daily for the last 7 days

  • 1 Day

The data behind this report is gather hourly and so any export will be approximated to the nearest hour.

Clicking Export Portfolio History will start the process and when complete the you will be presented with a CSV to download

The report has the following fields:

  • trustId

    • Your unique customer id

  • subWallet Id

    • The subwalletId that made the transaction

  • Asset

  • value

    • The value in the native currency. e.g. BTC or ETH

  • <currency>Value

    • The value of the currency selected. e.g usdValue or gbpValue

  • timestamp

    • the timestamp of the data

  • contractAddress

    • the ERC-20 contract address

If you have any problems or enhancement requests please reach out to us for help.

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