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TrustVault Web - Portfolio View (Beta)
TrustVault Web - Portfolio View (Beta)
Written by Paul Yardley
Updated over a week ago

The TrustVault Web Portfolio view is a new view on your portfolio of assets. It uses the same data set that is returned from the Export Portfolio report.

This view is currently in beta as we are looking for feedback on the usefulness. Please reach out if you have comments or suggestions.

To access the view simply click on the "Portfolio" item on the left hand side of the navigation menu.

The view will include:

  • All supported Ethereum assets

  • Bitcoin

  • All on-exchange asset balances for BTC and ETH

This report will not include data from:

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • XDC.Network

  • Unsupported Assets on Ethereum

  • L1 / L2 assets via MetaMask (Ethereum is included)

The data is refreshed hourly and will show the refreshed date in the top left of TrustVault Web.

To view the data in a different currency, simply change the currency in the top left of TrustVault Web.

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