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Changes at Trustology

Bitpanda Acquires Institutional Crypto and DeFi Custodian Trustology - Safer, Faster and Easier Together

Written by Paul Yardley
Updated over a week ago

Why is Trustology joining Bitpanda?

We want to offer more solutions and services to our customers. We think this is best achieved by joining Bitpanda. Whether you are a service provider using our scalable, white-labeled high-performance wallet automation platform, a DeFi institutional investor using our bespoke integrations to access DApps or breakout features like DeFi Firewall and transaction decoding, or a token issuer looking to remove barriers to entry. You’ll get wider cryptoasset and jurisdictional support, higher insurance coverage and SOC 2 certification to go along with a competitor-beating pricing model.

As Bitpanda will be putting all of its own assets into Trustology, it will make us one of the largest custodians in the world, capable of supporting institutions of any size. Bitpanda has exceeded our hopes for a firm we can combine with to continue to deliver on excellent service, deep expertise and an environment our clients want to be a part of.

What does this change of ownership mean for Trustology’s Customers?

Rest assured, you will continue to work and liaise with the same team as you have done in the past. All of the current solutions and services we provide and continue to provide will remain unaffected by this change of ownership.

Being backed by one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech unicorns with over 3 million users and a $4.1B valuation accelerates our plans for higher insurance and more recognised security certifications and audits like SOC 2 that further supports our commitment to provide best-in-class security.

Bitpanda has a diverse team of 600+ people who represent more than 50 nationalities and physical tech hubs and offices in 8 cities across Europe, including Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Krakow, Madrid, Paris. This will enable us to provide wider crypto asset and jurisdictional support and improve our customer service.

Are my private keys still safe?

Yes, 100% secure. One of the things that attracted Bitpanda to Trustology was our state-of-the-art custody platform to safeguard crypto assets. To quote Bitpanda pro CEO Joshua Barraclough, “We have the utmost faith in Trustology’s ability to keep our assets and our client assets 100% secure and we look forward to offering this out to institutions either as a stand-alone solution or as an additional service to users of our execution venues via our New Prime Offering.”

Who do I contact for support on this change?

We stand ready to address any and all queries you may have about this change in ownership. You can email us at or If you wish to learn more about Bitpanda please visit their website.

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