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Travel Rule - Cleared Balance
Travel Rule - Cleared Balance

This article explains the Cleared Balance section of the Travel Rule legislation.

Written by Christian Turner
Updated over a week ago

Since September 1st 2023, Travel Rule regulations have been officially actionable. Therefore, Bitpanda Custody have had to make some changes which will affect whether you can spend any funds you've received via TrustVault, or not.

To be clear, if we have determined you have received a transaction that we determine does not meet this regulations, you may still spend these assets via another service, although they wont be available to you whilst using TrustVault

What does this mean?

Since September 1st, any assets you receive on chain will need to be cleared under Travel Rule. This means Bitpanda Custody is required by UK law to ensure we have gathered the necessary Beneficiary and Originator information for all inbound transfers. The full details of what are required can be see on our blog.

What do I need to do?

If your transaction has failed the cleared balance it simply means that when attempting to send a transaction that transfers an asset we have been unable to determine that the full balance has been cleared as is available to spend. This includes the asset and any potential native assets that may be used to pay network fees.

As a general rule of thumb, check the 'Transactions' page in TrustVault Web to look for any inbound transfers that display "AWAITING_USER_TRAVEL_RULE". You must complete the required travel rule information for this transfer to make those funds available to spend.

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