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Travel Rule - Which transactions are in scope?
Travel Rule - Which transactions are in scope?
Written by Paul Yardley
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In order to process transactions and decide which transactions and transfers (see our article to understand the difference) are in scope for travel Rule, the TrustVault platform performs an "in scope" check.

Determining if a transaction is in scope

The TrustVault platform gathers data on the transaction and transfers in real time as they are created and then uses a rules system to calculate if the transaction requires additional information.

Currently, the TrustVault platform considers the following transactions as out of scope for Travel Rule:

  • Transactions where the to and from are the exact the same address (i.e. sending with your wallet)

  • Transactions to EVM smart contracts which are not a native ERC-20 transfers

  • Transaction to "sunrise" VASPs in low risk jurisdictions

    • These are where the VASP is not yet required by law to complete the Travel Rule information

  • Transfers where the to and from address are both customer of Bitpanda Custody

    • This is not fully implemented yet so some transactions may fall into scope and require information

Please note, that all transfers within a transaction are subject to review. Out of scope transactions will NOT be held and will be available to sign as normal.

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