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Travel Rule - How do I complete Travel Rule Information?
Travel Rule - How do I complete Travel Rule Information?
Written by Paul Yardley
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Since September 1st, the Travel Rule regulations are now live, and additional Travel Rule information will be required for all in-scope transactions.

TrustVault Web

Whether you are receiving or sending cryptoassets, once you submit your transaction as usual via web, mobile, API or MetaMask, if we determined that you need to supply us with the required transfer travel rule information, the associated transaction will appear in TrustVault Web's "Transactions" list with a state of AWAITING_USER_TRAVEL_RULE. If you see AWAITING_USER_SIGNATURES the Travel Rule information has been accepted or it is not in scope. Either-way, you can proceed to signing and sending the transaction as normal.

NB: If you see a state of PREPROCESSING it means that TrustVault is still calculating if the transaction is in scope for Travel Rule.


Click on the transaction you wish to add the Travel Rule information for and enter the required information. You can check this guidance for further information on what is required.

NB: We require information for each transfer and a transaction may generate multiple transfers. This article explains the difference between a transaction and a transfer.

You may save the information as many times as you like. Once you are ready you can "Submit" the details. You must:

  • Submit the details for all transfers at once

  • Complete all the information required before submitting

Once you have submitted your transaction state will move to AWAITING_COMPLIANCE.

If there are any questions or concerns our Compliance Team will reach out to you directly to resolve them.

If all transfers are approved the transaction will move to AWAITING_SIGNATURES and you can sign as normal. For inbound transactions the funds will be made available to spend.

Example Beneficiary Name

Example Originator Name

Contact us

If you have any issues, please get in touch. For technical support reach out to For compliance issues reach out to

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