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Maximising Security and Privacy: The Benefits of a Fixed BTC Change Address
Maximising Security and Privacy: The Benefits of a Fixed BTC Change Address
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We have now the ability to create permanent change addresses for BTC.

Let's delve into the benefits of adopting a fixed change address.

1. Consolidation of Funds:

A fixed BTC change address enables the consolidation of fragmented funds resulting from multiple transactions. Instead of generating a new change address for each transaction, all change returns to the same predetermined address. This consolidation simplifies tracking and management, offering a clearer overview of one's BTC holdings and helps maintain privacy by reducing the number of addresses associated with a particular wallet, making it more difficult for observers to track the flow of funds.

2. Simplified Transaction Tracking:

Tracking transactions becomes more straightforward with a fixed change address. Users can easily monitor incoming and outgoing transactions associated with a single address, facilitating accounting, auditing, and overall transaction management.

3 Ease of Use:

From a user experience perspective, a fixed change address simplifies the process of sending and receiving BTC. Users need not generate or manage multiple addresses for each transaction, streamlining the overall transaction process and making it more user-friendly.

Contact support to enable this feature.

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